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is a mobile software development company - that caters for both local and offshore clients. Our company also provides mobile technology and strategy consulting. We specialize in creating and delivering a range of applications from simple 'apps' to full scale mobile apps.

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  Mobile development has seen many changes recently; mainly the user's acceptance and willingness to download an application into their phone. When we first started developing apps, the word 'download' was an everyday term when applied to the Internet, but to a mobile - no way.The increased demand for applications can place additional pressures on companies deciding how to progress.

That's where we at come in.

Our core values are:
We like to think of ourselves as a different kind of company. Our employees are a diverse collection of smart and enthusiastic professionals who understand that the success of our company is anchored in the success of our clients, and who are passionately committed to providing technical leadership and powering ingenuity.      

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