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We work with you individually, as your personal parent coach, to create a plan that is right for your family. We can offer you a phone consultation and we'll talk about all your parenting issues and concerns. We will develop a special plan targeting your issues and concerns.

Parents and guardians can ensure children stay safe when using a monitoring tool. By using unprotected mobile phones, children have unfettered access to the internet. We can also teach you to cap how much your child spends on their mobile phone or smartphone using a monitoring software.

With all of the monitoring products that are available to help parents control children's media consumption, deciding what to use can be confusing. The following is a brief overview of the different types of parental control monitoring devices available:

Monitoring Software

Few parents seem to realize that many of today's mobile phones can basically work as a mobile monitoring software.


As of January 1, 2000, all television sets with 13 inches picture screens have to be equipped with features to block the display of television programming based upon its rating.

Blocking Devices

Blocking technologies allow parents to lock children out of viewing TV content in several different ways. Blocks can allow parents to lock certain channels and prohibit shows of specified ratings from playing.


Filtering technology filters out offensive content from TV, allowing kids to watch an edited version of a movie.  

How do you supervise and protect your kids with a 'monitoring tool' especially when a cell has access to the internet?

The first thing you should do is learn how to turn on and use whatever parental controls are included with the cell phone. This might include parental control mobile software that is actually part of the cell phone. AT&T, for example, offers a Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls feature that allows you to: Verizon (Verizon Usage Controls and Content Filters), T-Mobile (Family Allowances and Web Guard), and other cell phone carriers offer similar services. Many cell phone carriers also have services to let you locate your child at any time if they have a supported phone(this service is called: gms monitoring)

For example: the Verizon Family Locator service (formerly called Chaperone) will let you view your child's location and can even send you a text message when they arrive or leave a certain location, such as school or a friend's house. AT&T (AT&T Family Map) and Sprint (Sprint Family Locator) offer similar services.

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7 Ways to Control Your Child's Cell Phone Use

If you've decided that your child should have a cell phone, consider these options for controlling or monitoring your child's cell phone use.

1. Disable texting.

2. Choose a phone without a video camera.

3. Set up the phone so it can only call certain numbers, such as your family.

4. Restrict the time of day during which calls or text messages can be made.

5. Tie cell phone use to expectations such as good grades or chores completed.

6. Set a limited on minutes used, using a prepaid card.

7. If your child gets in trouble for cell phone use in class, back up the school's punishment by taking away the phone at home, too.

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 To request a quote for a Custom Monitoring Plan or any of our individual consulting services, please send an email to request a complimentary 30-minute consultation by phone. Please be ready to discuss in detail your parenting history and growth objectives, as well as any current issues you are facing with your kids. We base all our project estimates on a fixed-rate billing method so you can effectively account for all expenses.  

For specific, one-time needs we are available on a fee-for-service consulting basis. Services include: - Review of current monitoring package, strategy, goals and priorities - Analysis of future arrangements - Underwriting coordination & negotiation

"No matter how secure you have your home computer, cell phones, and other gadgets that can access the internet, you might not always know what your kids have access to when they aren't at home. Contact us - and we'll find the best solution for you"

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